The Installation And Benefits Of A Wireless Electric Fence For Dogs

Preventing your dog from leaving the yard and keeping them safe has now become easier with the latest in innovative technology for pets which is the wireless electric fence for dogs. This wireless fence system is quick and easy to set up as there is no need for digging trenches and installing wire underground. This type of system is also significantly beneficial should you decide to move to another home or make changes to the allowed areas for your dog as there are no wires that you will have to locate and dig up then rebury again. In this guide on utilizing a wireless electric fence for dog, you will learn about their benefits as well as how they are installed.

Keeping your Dog Safe and within Designated Areas

A wireless electric fence is not only beneficial for containing your dog within your yard, but is also great for restricting them from certain areas of your yard that you may want to keep them from damaging or soiling. Wireless fence systems are a great way to keep your dog from digging up your flower beds or ruining the vegetables in your garden that you worked so hard to plant and took several weeks to grow. You can also keep your dog away from newly planted grass or rotate your dogs designated area to another allowing the re-growth of grass in certain spots of your yard that have developed "dead spots" which often occur overtime from your pet relieving himself on the grass.

You can also keep your dog away from areas where the kids like to play such as the swing set area or sandbox, hence, keeping the children safe and avoiding the dog from using that area when relieving himself. An electric wireless fence system also works great for keeping your dog restrained from chasing other animals or individuals walking past your yard. These "hidden fences" also allow your dog the freedom to run and play without the need for a leash or having to be tied up and restricted to a limited amount of space. A wireless fence system also costs significantly less than installing a wooden or chain link fence all the way around the perimeter of your yard and you never have to worry about your dog trying to dig their way out or escape through a hole in the fence.

Setting up your Wireless Electric Fence

A wireless electric fence system comes with a transmitter or base that will be located inside your home which transmits a radio signal, and an adjustable receiver collar for your dog. The dog collar is designed to first warn the dog with a beep when they are nearing the boundary limit. If the dog continues and crosses this boundary, they will receive an electrical correction. Within a short period of time the dog will begin to respond to the warning beeps by turning around, hence, learning their boundaries. The first step in setting up your system is to decide upon the designated area and boundaries for your dog then choose a location in your home closest to the center point of this area to place the transmitter. You will then have to adjust the radius on the transmitter according to the parameters you have set. This can be done easily with two individuals by having one take the dog collar out into the yard while the other stays by the transmitter. The individual holding the dog collar can then test the boundary lines by listening for the warning beeps and communicate with the individual adjusting the transmitter to set the perimeters. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of a wireless electric fence for your dog including their affordability, ease of use, and ability to keep your dog safe.


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